Sonntag, 7. April 2013

Last Day of Photography Class

I'm wearing:
Scarf  / gift
White Blouse / Mango
Watch / Casio
Skirt / Asos
Shoes / Humanic

I decided to take this blogging thing more seriously. I've been saying this to myself a million times and I never managed to make it. This time I'm gonna try as hard as I can. 
I just had my last photography class on last wednesday and we had the freedom to take any pictures we'd like. So my friend Christine and I decided to make some photos for this blog. I felt a little akward being photographed by someone other than my self-timer or my sister, but she did a great job.  
The art foundation is slowly coming to an end. It feels like yesterday when I walked into class last summer. I guess time passes faster when you're doing something you like and enjoy. When I was at uni I felt like time was running so slowly. And when I think back to my high school years I remember feeling so exhausted by the time, that seemed to have stopped while I was there. I'm happy to have made the right decision when I decided to leave the university. I don't regret my time there, because I've got to know so many cool people and met two of my now most appreciated friends, who I still meet on a weekly basis. On Thursday I got the qualifying examination for art school. I'm feeling all jumpy and shaky by the thought of it. But I just have to get it over and done with. When I think about it I just can't wait for Thursday to come.

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Mai hat gesagt…

It's always heartwarming to learn about people making good decisions for themselves :) Good luck with your exam!