Mittwoch, 28. August 2013

Seoul through my Phone

I'm on my sixth day in Seoul Korea today and I'm enjoying my time here. I've been vigorously taking pictures and capturing the essence of this wonderful city but I'm not ready to share them with you yet. I'm still collecting impressions of Seoul and want the post to be showing as much of this city as possible. Be sure to check out my instagram for daily glimpses into my life. If you're a sucker for asian food, you'll be satisfied to see a lot of foodpics there, because Seoul is just heaven for amateur food photographers like me.

Samstag, 24. August 2013

Four Days of Berlin

Last week I took a short trip to Berlin with my boyfriend. We spent four days in one of the most lively and interesting city I've ever been to. Our hotel was right in the heart of Berlin at Friedrichstrasse, where all the big shops were. I left Berlin with memories of historical pictures from world war, fascinating alleys plastered with various posters, adverts, concert and clubbing flyers, lovely independent shops in the more quiet areas of the city and of course the amazing streetart, which can be seen all over Berlin.
Right now I'm exploring Seoul. I just arrived yesterday after a seventeen hour flight. I'm taking my camera with me as much as I can and hopefully I'll be able to update asap.

Samstag, 17. August 2013


 Diva - Matte Finish

Rebel - Satin Finish

See Sheer - Lustre Finish

Up The Amp - Amplified Finish

These are four of my very small Mac Lipstick collection (which contains of six in total, one melted and the other one wasn't very photogenic). Unintentionally did I buy six lipsticks of every single finish Mac has. The other two that I own are Angel (Frost Finish) and Hot Tahiti (Glaze Finish). This might be kinda uninteresting for those of you, who aren't very similar or fond of Mac products or lipsticks in general. But I am and quite a few of my friends know that. This is already the second blogpost that I'm writing about my Lipsticks (the other one can be found here). Every now and then I feel the sudden craving to take all of my lipsticks out, swatch them, put them on or take photos of them. It's a very strange custom of mine, I know.
While you're reading this I might be still sleeping, or packing my suitcases for Berlin and Seoul already! I'm leaving for Berlin tomorrow and for Seoul on next Thursday! I'm so so very excited!

Sonntag, 11. August 2013

Easy Breezy

Botanical Print Blouse - Second Hand, White Tank Top - Tally Weijl, Black Cut Offs - Levi's Jeans, Sneakers - Nike Victoria

Photos by Wendy

Here I am finally wearing my botanical granny blouse, which I purchased at a Second Hand Shop one year ago. I had to adjust the sleeves, in order for it to look a little bit less hawaiian shirt like, if you know what I mean. I can't believe how fast time flies. Tomorrow is the start of the last week of my holiday job and in a week I'll be flying out to Berlin for a few days. I'll be taking a lot of photos, at least I'm hoping so.
Yesterday I went to our local library and discovered audio books. The books are left unread and stacked on a big pile in my room, what makes me feel really guilty. I just don't know why it is so hard for me to stay focused and not getting carried away while reading a book these days. So I found a solution and rented my first ever audio book. Right after this post is published, I'm going out for a run and I'll have a listen to it. 

Freitag, 9. August 2013

Double Triangle

I'm wearing:
Earrings / Tally Weijl
Lipstick / Kiko 222

The weather has been shit the whole week, hence I haven't been outside to take some proper pictures. Well, it's kind of convenient, because I got badly stung by an evil horse fly last weekend and now got twelve red swollen dots of all sizes on both of my legs. Would've caused so much additional photoshop work, if there had been pictures taken of my whole body this week. I'm showing you pictures of one half of my face for a change and my newest addition to my very humble jewellery collection: A double triangle earring, which I bought at the sales last saturday. I'm SO looking forward to the end of next week, as I'll be done with my holiday jobs by next friday. Working five days a week is so exhausting, no matter what kind of work it is. 
If I could, I would study until I die. 

Samstag, 3. August 2013

Black Stripes and a Pop of Color

I'm wearing:
Off White Tunika / Zalando Collection through Zalando
Striped Skirt / River Island
Bag / Bought in Bulgaria
Watch / Casio
Sandals / Zign through Zalando

 I recently purchased two different items at Zalando. I'm not sure if everyone is familiar with this huge online shop from Berlin. But it's basically a Online Shop that not only sells their own collections but also many many other kinds of cool brands of all price ranges. What differentiates Zalando from other online shop is that they offer an amazing shipping and returns condition. Shipping Costs are completely free of charge as well as the Return Shipping Cost. I really like my two clothing pieces that I picked out, they were on sale, which makes them even cooler. 
Finally I found the time to carefully read through the manual of my Camera. Well, I scanned through the pages and I don't know why I haven't done this earlier. It's not like I've only recently purchased my Camera (I got it as christmas present maybe 3-4 years ago). I'm on the search for a new camera lens, because I think a better lens would be quite practical for my upcoming holidays. These pictures have been shot with the usual standard lens, that has been given to me with the cam itself (it's a EF-S 18-55mm). By the way, someone asked me about the programme I use to edit my photos. I use Photoshop and the Camera Raw Photo Editing Application.