Freitag, 23. Mai 2014

bite the apple

This post is long overdue, but I still wanted to share it with you! I went to New York in the end of February this year. We (my bf and I) spent two amazing (and cold-ass) weeks in Manhattan and Brooklyn and wished we could experience our stay all over again. It was my second time in the city and it still felt like my very first. There is just something about this city that catches your breath and grabs you. Despite the icecold temperatures and the occasional rain-/snowstorm we didn't cringed to do sightseeings and shopping marathons. There was only one day, when it was snowing ridiculously, that we had to escape to a sheltered and warm place. We used that opportunity to spent the day at museums, which was awesome too. I think I could do anything in this city and still find it amazing in a way. I feel like I have only seen one-tenth of this city and there is still so much to discover! I will be back soon, that's for sure!

Freitag, 2. Mai 2014

What I recommend

Things I have been loving recently...

1. Girls the hbo series by Lena Dunham
I remember watching Girls for the first time two years ago, after I read an article in a magazine about it. It was claimed to be the real "Sex and The City" and I was curious to find out more. I remember watching the first episode and seeing Lena Dunham naked on my laptop screen. To be honest, it kinda pulled me off, as I was accustomed to see perfect shaped bodies on shows like Gossip Girls or Sex and The City. I didn't know what I should think of it. Thus, I decided to return to size zero girls wearing high fashion designer clothes and sipping cocktail drinks at fancy dinner parties. Two weeks ago, I was trying to find a new tv show to get hooked on, and somehow I came back to Girls and now I'm so so glad about it. Girls is honest, funny, brilliant and refreshing. It shows life of girls in my age with all the troubles and worries included, but I didn't need to explain it to you, I guess you all knew already.

2. Death by Elocution on Tumblr
I do not know anything about the owner of this blog, whether it's a he or she, but what I do know is that this person has a really good taste in fashion, well, that's a least what I think! On Death-by-Elocution you'll find a tumblr roll of outfit photos (mostly without the face of the person who's wearing it), shoes and accessories. The outfits that are being blogged are mostly held in white, gray or black and are super casual, simple but yet stylish and cool. I think I have already loved tons of her/his photos and I always go back when I want to find some outfit inspirations for the day.

3. Cameron Diaz' Body Book
So I wasn't sure at first if I should get this book, because it had the image of a well known Hollywood Star on the Book Cover and I always think that those books don't really shine with the quality of content but more with the name of the author. So I had a longer look at it first. I read a couple of pages and I had to admit that I really liked what I was reading, so I decided to buy it and I'm happy I did. Cameron Diaz wrote this book to help Women understand their Body and give information about everything concerning Nutrition, Health and Body. She explains easily what our Foods are made of, what our Organs do with it and what our Body does with it. I'm not even halfway through, but I can already recommend it to all of you who want to know more about the consequences of bad eating habits and lack of movement and want to learn how to live a healthy and happy life.

4. 8tracks and spotify enrich my life
So I've been using 8tracks and spotify on a regular basis for a couple of months now and it seriously enriches my ear with tracks that I would have never found out about. I'm a very lazy person when it comes to discovering new things such as songs or movies. I like to get comfortable and let everyone else look out for those kinds of things. Mostly I rely on the taste of my boyfriend, but since I started to use 8track and spotify I never have to listen to the same old songs over and over again.

6. John Bakers Fruit Bread
If you live in Zurich or you're here on vacation, definitely stop by John Bakers Bakery at Stadelhofen for their freshly baked goods! Today was my second time I went there to get the Fruit Bread in order to still my afternoon hunger. I love the interior of this bakery and the freshness of their stuff! The bread was warm when I bite into it, which for me, is the definition for the perfect bread!