Donnerstag, 17. Juli 2014


I've been listening to Spotify a lot lately and I discovered some great new tracks that I have been listening up and down these days. When I like a song, I listen to it over and over again until I get sooo sick of it that I drop it out of my playlist and never listen to it again.
Also I'm a person who never listens to what the artist is actually singing. I never ever pay attention to the words, even if I tell myself to listen to the words, I find myself getting distracted by something else again.

Samstag, 5. Juli 2014

A Sunday Well spent

A Sunday well spent is when you wake up early in the morning, take a warm shower, have a cup of tea, take the train to the city and have Brunch at  Hiltl with your Best friend. It has been ages since we sat down and had a little chat together, catching up on things was an overdue. We really benefit from the large choice the delicious buffet offered at the Hiltl Restaurant in the heart of Zurich. I started with a bowl of granola and greek yoghurt, went over to a dish of their salad bar, then loaded my plate with all the different curries they had, reached for my usual samosa (it's a must) and in the end (when my jeans already got veeery tight around my stomach) I had a plate of all the different and delicious sweet treats they had like coconut and chocolate cake, brownie mousse, panna cotta, raspberry tiramisu or apple crumble. I probably shouldn't have taken the last plate, because I really felt I would explode any minute after that, but it was just impossible to walk past it. Afterwards we went for a long walk even though it was raining, but we didn't mind. We had lots to digest in our belly! In the end we ended up in Niederdörfli, the old town of Zurich and dropped by Café Henrici for the very first time where we each had a large portion of tea.

I realized how unproductive my Sundays were up until that day! Normally I would lay in my bed until noon, have breakfast/lunch and laze around all day. Most of the time I would be in a bad mood caused by my unproductiveness. I told myself to be more active and spontaneous from now on. It's so nice when you're just walking around and exploring something new like the small alleys in old town, that we my friend and I have never been to before, even though we are in Zurich almost everyday, or the Café, that I usually just walk past.
I always tell myself that I want to travel and leave the Country, but actually there are tons of things here that I haven't seen yet and while I'm still saving money for my big travels I could satisfy my urge to travel with small trips in this Country.

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