Mittwoch, 18. Juni 2014


A couple of days ago I spotted a very stylish woman in Zurich. She wore a midi Skirt and was shoving her bicycle around the City. The reason why she caught my attention straightaway were some copper colored Birkenstock-Style Sandals that she wore on her feet. I saw them and I instantly knew that I had to have them! When I got home that evening I surfed around the web but couldn't find them on the Birkenstock Website, so I stopped looking for them. This morning when I was on my way to work I took a different route and walked by a shoe store in Niederdörfli and there they were! After work I rushed over to the store and bought them. They're from a spanish label called 67, and even though they are not as comfy as the Birkenstocks that I own I'm sure that I will wear them all summer long. I think that they will add a cool touch to every summer outfit!

Sandals Sixtyseven

Mittwoch, 11. Juni 2014

8 Things I like #June

1. Gold Necklace with a lilac Mineral: Last week I was looking for some earrings in my sisters room but instead I found this lovely necklace. I remember that she bought it at the Bürkliplatz Flea Market in Zurich two years ago.
2. Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Pur Couture The Mats Lipstick: A Beautyshop Chain in Switzerland had an amazing action last week. They sold all their lipsticks with a discount of 40%! When I heard about it, I quickly rushed to the mall in my village and bought this beautiful lipstick. It has a gorgeous mat finish, and feels very nice on my lips. I hope I get the chance to wear it soon!
3. Franz Kafka "Die Verwandlung": I have to read more books and I've set myself a goal - one book a month, starting with this classic.
4. The Memorandum Notebook I got from Seoul last Year will be following me everywhere from now on.
5. Essie Nail Varnish in "allure": This color is so subdued and chic. I love having it on my nails.
6. Moleskine Notebook: I love writing down lists and thoughts, as you can tell.
7. Fruits of all different kinds of colors in my muesli bowl, the perfect kickstart to a day.
8. Falling by Haim: I only knew their Song "The Wire" up until yesterday, but then I stumbled upon "Falling" on Spotify and I instantly fell in love with it.

Samstag, 7. Juni 2014

Time to Unwind

Unwind. Refuel. Learn to live, experience, feel and love. Let it be what's not supposed to be. Don't regret. Take action. React in the momentum. Find myself Again. Be Happy. 

picture source: pinterest (facts written on the picture by me)