Mittwoch, 11. Juni 2014

8 Things I like #June

1. Gold Necklace with a lilac Mineral: Last week I was looking for some earrings in my sisters room but instead I found this lovely necklace. I remember that she bought it at the Bürkliplatz Flea Market in Zurich two years ago.
2. Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Pur Couture The Mats Lipstick: A Beautyshop Chain in Switzerland had an amazing action last week. They sold all their lipsticks with a discount of 40%! When I heard about it, I quickly rushed to the mall in my village and bought this beautiful lipstick. It has a gorgeous mat finish, and feels very nice on my lips. I hope I get the chance to wear it soon!
3. Franz Kafka "Die Verwandlung": I have to read more books and I've set myself a goal - one book a month, starting with this classic.
4. The Memorandum Notebook I got from Seoul last Year will be following me everywhere from now on.
5. Essie Nail Varnish in "allure": This color is so subdued and chic. I love having it on my nails.
6. Moleskine Notebook: I love writing down lists and thoughts, as you can tell.
7. Fruits of all different kinds of colors in my muesli bowl, the perfect kickstart to a day.
8. Falling by Haim: I only knew their Song "The Wire" up until yesterday, but then I stumbled upon "Falling" on Spotify and I instantly fell in love with it.

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