Samstag, 17. August 2013


 Diva - Matte Finish

Rebel - Satin Finish

See Sheer - Lustre Finish

Up The Amp - Amplified Finish

These are four of my very small Mac Lipstick collection (which contains of six in total, one melted and the other one wasn't very photogenic). Unintentionally did I buy six lipsticks of every single finish Mac has. The other two that I own are Angel (Frost Finish) and Hot Tahiti (Glaze Finish). This might be kinda uninteresting for those of you, who aren't very similar or fond of Mac products or lipsticks in general. But I am and quite a few of my friends know that. This is already the second blogpost that I'm writing about my Lipsticks (the other one can be found here). Every now and then I feel the sudden craving to take all of my lipsticks out, swatch them, put them on or take photos of them. It's a very strange custom of mine, I know.
While you're reading this I might be still sleeping, or packing my suitcases for Berlin and Seoul already! I'm leaving for Berlin tomorrow and for Seoul on next Thursday! I'm so so very excited!

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