Donnerstag, 25. April 2013

April Moodboard

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1. Checkered, my favorite pattern at the moment. 
2. All white Outfits are so simple and chic at the same time! Perfect for spring.
3. A Bra or just a Cropped Top and high waisted shorts/skirts.
4. Even though it's soon getting warmer: fluffy sweaters.
5. My favorite Model Streetstyle has got to be Jessica Hart.
6. I want flatforms!
7. I really like the transparent trend on clothes, bags, shoes, et cetera.
8. Interior Design
9. Denim with cut off pockets, great DIY Idea.

On Tuesday I accidentally dropped an iron bar on my feet while working out and my big toe got really badly injured. I went to the doctor yesterday and fortunately she told me that it wasn't broken but just pretty swollen. It's really hard for me to walk, that's why I'm staying at home. I guess this is the punishment for skipping school the other day. If I hadn't skipped school, I wouldn't have had the time to work out and as a result wouldn't have injured my big toe. I've been spending whole days at home, trying to walk as little as possible. I'm missing out on the sunniest days these week, which is really a shame. But I finally found time to watch Breaking Bad and I also found time to create this monthly moodboard here.


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