Samstag, 13. April 2013

8 Things I like

This is a segment that I decided to create for this blog. It's a post about 8 things I like this month. I'm gonna try to do this every single month. Let's see how it'll work out! I chose eight, simply because it's a great number and it's neither too little nor too much.

1. Mindfuck: I'm really into psychological books and podcasts at the moment. It makes me reflect upon my own person, my behaviour and about other people. As the book title already says, this book is about how a lot of people sabotage themselves with their own thoughts and what we can do about it. I haven't read it though, but I'm gonna start as soon as possible. It's in german, but I'm sure that there are english books too.

2. Green Tea: I'm a tea drinker. I would choose tea over coffee at any times. I drink tea in the morning, afternoon, before bed, when I'm bored, sick, happy, to digest the food I ate, after I've eaten something really naughty like chocolate - basically I drink tea all the time.

3. Benefits Pore fessional: This is a primer that my sister bought in London. I always apply it on my T-Zone, because this is where I get most oily throughout the day. I like how it smoothes out my skin. Unfortunatley Switzerland doesn't sell any Benefits products anymore. I was kinda upset when I found out.

4. Thierry Mugler "Alien": This is the scent that I'm wearing at the moment. I absolutely love this perfume. It smells of amber, woods and flowers and makes me feel so pretty.

5. Vichy Normaderm 3 in 1: I'm glad that my friend Christine recommended this face wash/peeling to me. It is the first peeling that feels grainy on my skin when I rub it in. I've been using this one for almost three weeks now and I think it really frees my skin from dirt and makeup and at the same time it has a renewing impact on my skin, which in my opinion, should be the effect of every good skin wash product.

6. MAC Studio Fix Powder NW44: Before some of you MAC and Makeup experts freak out - Yes, I know that this powder is supposed to be for dark skinned ladies. But you should know that I don't use it as Powder and Foundation. I use it as a contour color for my cheek bones and the temples of my forehead. I just bought it two days ago and I'm already lovin it. Everybody should own a contour powder!

7. MAC Cream Colour Base in "Pearl": Finally I layed my hands on a highlighter! For that nice healthy and glamorous glow on your brow and cheek bones.

8. The last one is a song that I really like at the moment. And I've been listening to "She" by Tyler the Creator a lot recently.


Allegra hat gesagt…

hey hey, ja das kann gut sein! süßer blog! xx A

Mai hat gesagt…

Ohh! I like the benefit porefessional primer too! Although it's sort of pricey for the tiny amount... You might want to give the maybelline primer a try since benefit is not widely available where you live :D, it's not bad either