Dienstag, 23. April 2013

How I style #1

I'm wearing:
Shirt / Vero Moda
Bag / Vintage

I'm wearing:
Denim Shirt / H&M
Bag / Zara

I'm wearing:
Leather Jacket / Zara
Lace Top / Zara
Necklace / Six
Bag / University of Art Zurich

Another Segment for my new favorite hobby. I'm starting off the How I Style series with this lovely chiffon polka dot mini. I bought this skirt about two years ago, because I saw it on the sales lady in the store. I think it's so cute and fun to wear and it is a perfect piece to combine with different styles and colors. These are three ways I'd wear this skirt. Did you notice that I like to pull my hair? haha. Out of hundreds of shots, I just had to pick out four with the hair pulling, what a coincidence.

This is my second last week at school. That is why my motivation is slowly fading and also the reason why I'm able to blog this today. I skipped school. It feels so great to sit in front of my laptop in my pajamas at 10 o'clock in the morning. I think my favorite time of the day is between 9-11 a.m and 8-10 p.m. It's the best time of the day because it feels like you've got plenty of time to do things before daily life kicks in/before the day ends. Now I'm gonna sit back, drink a cup of tea and watch some tv series.


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Zoe Barrow hat gesagt…

I always buy things in AA because staff are wearing it haha!
You styled this skirt perfectly, love the zara bag and with the mustard colour top! x