Sonntag, 9. Juni 2013


1) Thierry Mugler "Alien"
2) Cacharel "Amor Amor"
3) The Body Shop "Madagascan Vanilla Flower"
4) Calvin Klein "CKIN2U)

These are some perfumes that I own and that I really like. I like sweet scents and vanilla has always been a favorite of mine. I never really bought a lot of perfumes, because honestly I have a really bad sense of smell. My nose is practically disfunctional. A lot of my friends know and are shocked by this confession of mine. But it's true, I hardly smell anything, unless I inhale vigorously. So that was the reason why I never really cared about scents and perfumes, because I never really sensed them. Now that I'm writing this I realize how tragic this is. However everything has its advantages. Like I will never notice someone farting next to me, which is a huge blessing in my opinion.

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oxidation hat gesagt…

Please keep in mind. You don't smell other people's farts. They do smell yours..