Mittwoch, 5. Juni 2013


I'm wearing:
Duffle Coat / Pull & Bear
Shirt / H&M
Pants / Zara
Shoes / Booster
Bag / Second Hand

I'm not going to talk about the weather in this post, because it has been quite sunny the last two days. I'm afraid that if I praise it too much, it'll disappear again. I've been busy with work these days. Ever since I'm finished with school and my summer holidays started, and even before, I've been on the hunt for jobs, in order to earn some money for the holidays. In my head I've already made a rough list of things I have to get when I'm in Seoul.
Today I was wearing my Lightweight duffle Coat that I got in Madrid three years ago. I always feel like the Bear Paddington when I'm wearing it. 


Ines Ariani hat gesagt…

Your so elegance !!! Great looks! I love the outer ! ;D
Come visit mine:

Kristy W hat gesagt…

Love this outfit!
You're so gorgeous :)