Dienstag, 11. Juni 2013

Mufasa in the House

I'm wearing:
Crop Top / Little Baby Nothing
Dress (worn as skirt) / Salad
Leopard Slippers / New Look
Collar Necklace / H&M

And now we're shooting indoors again. It started to rain yesterday evening. I wasn't prepared for that and had to run home and hide under roofs. At the moment I have no other interests than earning money for my holidays. Right now I tutor every morning from monday til friday and I'm applying for several promotion jobs on weekends. In July I'll be working at a nursing home for a month and serve lunch and dinner for the elderly people. This is the first summer that I'm having several different holiday jobs in three months. It all sounded pretty stressful to me at the beginning, and I wasn't sure if I should accept that many jobs. But last week I worked 6 days in a row and I really enjoyed working so much. I like having more than one job at a time, because it's so diversified and exciting. 
In September I begin to study Design in Zurich and I'm really looking forward to it. I know that's the right path for me, because Design leads to jobs with a huge diversity. Not only you get to be creative, but also you get to work with so many different clients and sometimes even get to travel around the globe. I don't know where life takes me yet. But my dream job has to be exciting and versatile, that's for sure.

EDIT: My Boyfriend just told me that the name of the lion wasn't Mustafa, but Mufasa. Of course I know that, but somehow I got the name mixed up. Hahaha, my bad.

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