Mittwoch, 1. Mai 2013


I get excited over things easily. But there are two things, that excite me most: Fashion and Art, or as the Blogtitle says: things that are "drawn" and things that are "sewed" (I should've explained the name in the beginning, but better late than never). I think I've shown you that I like Clothes, but it has been ages since I last posted something about art, or my art. Actually I don't consider my own work as a piece of art. I just take a pen and draw something, it's not a big deal like I don't plan what I draw and it doesn't bother me that much if my drawings turn out ugly. For the most part I enjoy looking at art. But I thought it might be interesting for you to see what I do or did in the past couple of months, since I've been visiting an art foundation for almost a year now.
As you can tell, my favorite motives to draw are hair and faces. Drawing Hair is so soothing to me. When I'm working on a realistic-ish piece it can sometimes take hours until I'm done with it. I'm a slow drawer, I like to take my time. While we're on it, I passed the exam and got accepted to the Art School of Zurich. I got the letter a few days ago. I was so happy about it and I wanted to jump for joy, but I couldn't because of my bruised toe. Anyways I'm so relieved and now I just can't wait for summer to come.


Estefanía Ainoza hat gesagt…

So nice!!! I love it!!!

Rosie Gaunt hat gesagt…

I've just started following your blog and have to say it is beautiful! I particularly like seeing your own drawings! Look forward to seeing more!
Rosie x