Dienstag, 7. Mai 2013

Casual Sunday

I'm wearing:
Coat / Mango
T-Shirt / New Yorker
Scarf / American Apparel
Pants / Hollister
Shoes / Converse

I live in those Chucks, because these are the only shoes that I can wear with my bruised toe at the moment. The accident is a while back now, but it still hurts when I slip in some tighter shoes. I prefer taking photos in front of a white wall, because I think my camera lense is not good enough for outdoor pictures. I always try to blurry up the background, but it's almost impossible, if I want a whole body shot. I took these photos at my bf appartment. He turned into my photographer. I think he enjoys it, even though he doesn't show it.

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Yoong Sin hat gesagt…

I was madly in love with any grid pattern!!
nice outfit :)