Dienstag, 28. Mai 2013

Skin Treatment

Recently I've been getting a lot of breakouts on my chin. About one year ago my skin was perfectly fine. I only had to deal with a shiny T-Zone and some seldomnly seen spots here and there. I was so happy about my skin situation, because I thought that I was finally out of the "acne-age", and don't ever have to deal with those problems again - I was wrong. I think it was last summer when my skin got difficult again. I'm not sure why, but I think it's because of the usual suspects: Lack of sleep and eating the "wrong" food. Everybody thinks that sugary food causes acne, but actually they have nothing to do with it. It's dairy products that we have to be careful with such as joghurt, cheese, cream cheese or quark. And as you might know, I like to start my day with a bowl of muesli every single morning. And as I cannot live without milk products, I use various skin care products to fight my breakouts.

Step 1: After a long day I remove my makeup with Bebe young care's quick&clean cleansing lotion (1). It works great with waterproof makeup products as well.
Step 2: I wash my face with the Vichy Normaderm Peeling lotion (3). I like that it feels very grainy on my skin.
Step 3: I use the Tea Tree Oil Toner from Alkmene (2), in order to wipe off the last bits of dirt and makeup on my skin.
Step 4: I either use the Tea Tree Oil Face Lotion from Alkmene (5) or bebe young care's mattifying face cream (6) to moisturize my skin, if I don't do this, my skin will dry out within a minute.
Step 5: I finish off my face cleansing routine with a spot treatment. I use Tea Tree Oil (4) from a Drugstore in Germany. I take one drop for each spot and gently pat it on. Because this Product is so aggressive, it'll instantly start to itch on the skin, but for me it's a sign that the Oil is working its magic on those dirty bastards.

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