Sonntag, 5. Mai 2013


I'm wearing:
Parka / Vero Moda
Caridgan / Pull & Bear
Tops / H&M
Denim Shorts / Levi's
Boots  / Navyboot

Today I literally took a walk down memory lane. I live in a very small village by the lake side. This afternoon, well it's already sunday now so I mean to say yesterday afternoon, I walked over to my old primary school. I haven't been there for ages. Everything seemed so small and tiny.  I realised I only see one part of my village, which is the part that is near to the railway station. I don't hang around in this village. When I spent time outside in order to breathe some fresh air, I usually take a train to Zurich. I'd rather choose to live in a big city, it's so much more exciting in my opinion. Someday I'll pack my stuff and move to a big town. I'm already looking forward to it.

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