Dienstag, 10. Dezember 2013

Outfit in Motion

This outfit was shot almost a month ago, you might have seen and read the post here. Allya and I not only took photos of our outfits that day, but also tried capturing our outfits by film as well. Last evening I finally found time to edit the video material that has been patiently waiting for me in a folder stored on my laptop. Ever since I got introduced to Final Cut Pro last year in school, I love to make videos. Unfortunately I don't have Final Cut on my Laptop, so I put up with iMovie on my sisters Macbook, which was good enough for simple video editing.
There will be more Videos in the future, since I love working with this medium so much. I hope you enjoy watching them!

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Marianne hat gesagt…

Lovely video! you remind me of Zoe Suen :-D

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