Freitag, 27. Dezember 2013

Christmas Belly Stuffing

Christmas Days are over and my belly is stuffed. My sister and I made Cinnamon Buns on Christmas and they turned out quite delicious surprisingly. I always like to capture my baking skills, as I bake or cook so seldomnly. Today I spent my whole day on turning all my wide legged pants into skinny jeans. I can't believe that it took me almost eight hours to sew six pant legs tighter... but it was worth it, the pants look so nice and tight now. I never wore those because they were too wide and loose at the ankles, and there's nothing that I hate more than loose pant legs (they make my legs look shorter).

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Rachel Yeo hat gesagt…

Happy holidays Melanie! What you and your sister whipped up looks absolutely delicious. xo
P.S. I totally get what you mean with loose pant legs, it's even harder finding jeans that fit perfectly! It's such a shame.