Freitag, 13. Dezember 2013

During Sewing Class

Sometimes I just don't know what to say besides putting my photos up on the blog. Writing interesting and long texts are not one of my strengths. I'm more a visual kind of person. I like to work with pictures and visual impressions rather than well elaborated sentences. Anywho, this was shot at school a few days ago during sewing class. I wore my tightest denim skirt that I own. Surprisingly it kept me quite warm during the day, despite the freezing temperatures that we're experiencing at the moment. I've got an exciting trip coming up after New Year. At the End of January I'm flying out to New York!!! This will be my second time in New York. The first time doesn't really count, as I've only stayed there for two days and spent the night in New Jersey. This time I will have 13 days to explore the beauty and adventures of this city. I can't wait!! I'm soon gonna write a list of things I'm planning to do! Man, there are just too many!

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