Sonntag, 28. Juli 2013

Stone Wall

Photography by Christine-Joy
Edited by Me

I'm wearing:
Sheer Blouse with Embroidery / Zara
Cut Off Shorts / Levi's
Sneakers / Converse
Sunnies / borrowed from Christine

This is the second round of the photos we did the other day. As we walked along the River we came to this stone wall. Christine gave me her sunnies because I got dazzled by the sun. It was shining so bright I had difficulties to keep my eyes open. After we, respectively, my friend took a few photos in front of this wall my memory card run out of space. So we decided to call it a day and enjoyed some sips of refreshing sparkling lemonade at a bar. Side note: on a few pictures it might seem like I have a willy, but I promise you, I'm a girl haha.


Milex hat gesagt…

I may be obsessed with all of it.

Amélie hat gesagt…

- Wouaaaw amazing look ! I really like it ;)

Lucia Y hat gesagt…

I love how you've edited these photos!
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Rakel hat gesagt…

nice post! love it!

casper+pearl hat gesagt…

in love with this post, and your whole entire blog in general.

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Ellie hat gesagt…

You are beautiful! I'm loving this outfit, so perfect.


City Brewed


great photos ;)

Sophia Molen hat gesagt…

Like this outfit and photoshoot a lot :)

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Lei hat gesagt…

how do you edit these kind of pics?

Hanna Lee hat gesagt…

Ur top is gorgeous! Those sunglasses add a chic touch to ur outfit ;)

The Unpetaled Rose hat gesagt…

I love this whole outfit: so minimal, yet still sophisticated and stylish :)))

xoxo, Marie