Mittwoch, 24. Juli 2013

10 pm

a great sweater I found on Sale at Zara

too many books I haven't finished reading sitting next to my bed

unintentionally casted shadow over my cameras lense created this interesting ray on the left

some random things on my desk (intentionally didn't take a photo of my whole desk, it is a dirty mess)

Today I had a look through all of my 156 posts I've posted on this blog. I noticed how much the content of this blog had changed over a year. I noticed that I had posted a lot more posts like this one here. Random Snapshots of my daily life. I remember how much I enjoyed looking at photos like these, because they give you a glimpse into someones life, not just focussing on fashion.


Rachel Yeo hat gesagt…

Too true; I absolutely love lifestyle snippets, they really show some personality. This is such a neat post, cool sweater as well :) x

Fashionalatic hat gesagt…

The zara sweater is so lovely :)
Wanna follow each other? Let me know
Hugs :)