Donnerstag, 18. Juli 2013

July Moodboard

I'm trying to be more creative here. I noticed that I don't really use my pinboard, which has been hanging over my desk in my room. So I decided to use it as inspirational board and pin pictures on it, that have been inspiring me throughout a month. Not only fashion related things, but also motivational pictures and quotes or my latest youtube or music finds. After I've collected a good amount of pictures, I'll post a picture of my pinboard here and share it with you. I have never seen something like this before and I thought it would be quite fun.

I hope you enjoyed this and please comment if you liked/disliked this kinds of posts.


Lana. hat gesagt…

Nice post! I love that song from Daft Punk too :).
I found your blog trough What I Wear and I think you have great style and a nice blog!

Yan C hat gesagt…

Love this! I'm trying to re-decorate my pin board as well and changing it every month! It'd be a good monthly blog post too. x