Sonntag, 27. Oktober 2013


The last couple of days have been lovely weatherwise. It's unusual to have such warm temperatures in the end of october - but of course when it comes to weather and our seasons, there is nothing usual about it anymore. You might have noticed or not, I've bought a new camera lense and have been using it for almost a week now. It's a Canon 50mm lense with 1.8 f. I love how blurry the backdrop gets and how sharp the person/object in the front is. It's definitely more fun to shoot outfit photos now! Which is what I did the last few days. These photos were taken after school on Thursday by the river Sihl in Zurich.

Photos by Alan Gómez B.

Jacket - Second Hand / Pants - Zara / Top - Mango / Shoes - Converse


Anonym hat gesagt…

you're beautiful! you look great in short hair ;)

Moira Parton hat gesagt…

Love the jacket and the photos look beautiful too! x

Madison Frank hat gesagt…

Beautiful shots! I love your jacket!