Dienstag, 8. Oktober 2013

Twisk and Twirl

No I'm not asleep on the photo above, even though I might look like it. These are the rest of the photos that we (and by we I mean my friend Christine and I) took last saturday. I'm still wearing the same clothes, except for the Coat and the Cardigan, which I exchanged for my newest addition to my wardrobe: a Second Hand Suede Jacket which I picked up a few hours before we did these photos. It was a total steal, I got it for a couple of francs at the flea market in the city. It was quite windy that day and I was in the mood for a little bit of twisking and twirling.

Jacket - Second Hand / Shirt - from Seoul / Skirt - Top Ten / Boots - H by Horrigan


lucia m hat gesagt…

your hair looks amazing!



Zoe B hat gesagt…

I absolutely love this outfit and your blog! You have a lovely sense of style! :)

ps, your hair is flawless!

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