Mittwoch, 4. September 2013

Seoul #2: Namsan Tower

There is a possibility that you'll feel quite lonely when you're visiting the Namsan Tower all by yourself, because the tower is being dominated by the theme of Love. Tons and tons of locks in all kinds of shapes have been attached to the railing underneath the tower and the matching keys have been thrown into the forest. I was wondering how many of the couples have already split up and how many of them still exist. My friend and I went up there in the late afternoon, so we could watch the sun vanish behind the skyscrapers and see how the city turns into a sea of lights. I love looking at a big city from afar, it just seems so quiet and peaceful, when in reality it's the right opposite. 

I'm wearing: Shirt from American Apparel, Skirt from Top Ten, Bag from Zara and Nike Victorias

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