Sonntag, 20. September 2015

Seoul Photo Diary: The First month

Cell Phone Snaps of my first month here in Seoul.

On the 22nd of August I flew from Tokyo to Seoul, this was the very first image I took of this ginourmous city.

No time for rest, after I landed I immediately dived into the nightlife of Seoul in vibrant Itaewon

Swiss reunion in Seoul

Koreans are obsessed with Candy Crush, they even have advertisement in the subways

this is a typical situation you will encounter in Seouls Subways, everybody be on their phones

First time walking to the Hangang River from where I live, you'll see a lot of people (mainly couples) sitting by the river at night

a shady-looking alley in my neighbourhood. There are many suspicious looking alleys around here, but never have I ever felt scared when walking around by myself at night. 

the people are super hard-working here. I don't know about the retiring age here, but some people look way too old and weak to be still working. 

a painted mural close to my University

on our welcoming day to Hongik University a police-officer came by to explain us the rules here in korea

first encounter with soju and drinking games at the welcoming dinner. conclusion of the night: never underestimate the force of Soju.

Visiting a cat Café in Hongdae. These animals are so spoiled! They get petted and fed everyday. I prefer Dogs.

Went to a sticker photo place in Hongdae with my fellow internationals, so Girly.

Free Outdoor Gyms! Mostly used by elderly people and occasionally by me.

First night out with my new friends

Destroyed. Waiting for the first Train to arrive. In korea the tubes stop driving at around 12pm, which is crazy. 

Fried Chicken and Beer in the Hangang Park. A very typical thing to do in parks here. I got sick from the chicken, too much fried things is no good.

Skyline behind us while eating, drinking and chatting

Another night out with my swiss Korean Girl, casually posing for my camera.

a Sunday well spent: visiting the Bukchon traditional Village.

went inside one of the traditional houses and got our picture taken by an uberfriendly korean man there

Drying the Chili for Korean Dishes. Spice is everything here. 

Popular Photo Spot for a Picture of the Bukchon traditional Houses

The main gate to Hongik University, where I will be studying this semester

girls night out in Hongdae. Superinternational: UK, Sweden, Korea, Mexico, France and Israel.

only boys at 5am outside of the Clubs/Bars in Hongdae

When I finally found time to go to Gangnam. I felt so happy, I think it's one of my favorite areas here so far.

Introduction to Ceramics Class. I wanna make sculptures like that!

Lovely Café close to my uni. Loving the neon Signs in Hangul.

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