Montag, 21. September 2015

After one month

Observations/Findings/Conclusions after one month living in Seoul
  • The first month went by so fast
  • Hongdae is not for me
  • Kimchi and Gochuchang is not so bad after all
  • Korean Drinking Games are fun fun fun. I'm never gonna play "never have I ever" again.
  • Gimbap is the love of my life, I could eat it every single day
  • Pure Soju is not nice
  • Fruit Soju is delicious and it's killing me
  • A lot of Korean Men have kimchi breath or sweat out kimchi
  • Koreans love small puppies and treat them like humans
  • Korean Couples love PDA and wear matching clothes
  • Girls walk around with a hair roller and don't give a fuck
  • Bingsu with Red Bean Paste is like Heaven in my Mouth
  • ... in fact everything with red bean paste is like heaven in my mouth
  • Cafés everywhere I look
  • Americano is what I order here in Cafés
  • I make more than 12.000 Steps everyday
  • Beer can be nice actually (but only the korean ones)
  • Girls all dress the same here
  • Boys all have the same haircut here
  • Korean Teachers are so friendly and nice
  • Seoul is a safe city
  • ... but hold on tight while in a Bus
  • Bus drivers drive around with open doors and don't give a fuck
  • I look Korean to Koreans
  • Garosu-gil is dangerous for my wallet
  • Hip Hop rules Hongdae
  • I love taking long walks after dinner at night, gives me time to reflect on my day
  • Taxi Drivers drive like they are drunk (probably they are)
  • Koreans find it funny when you say bless you to them
  • I love Korean Cucumber, Soy Milk and Sweet Potatoes
  • Koreans never say pardon, they just push you away when they want to pass you
  • Even though I'm in korea I can't seem to find a Cover for my Samsung Cell Phone
  • Korean Students are not interested in talking to me because I don't look foreign enough
List to be continued...

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