Freitag, 25. September 2015

Seoul Food

If you follow my Story on Snapchat you might be thinking that I went to Korea to eat and not to study. In fact it is true, I feel like I'm spending more time eating than studying here!
Seoul is a city where you can grab breakfast/brunch/lunch/dinner/snacks at any time of the day AND night. There are so many restaurants, bars, cafés, takeouts, food stands and street food vendors here that will allay your hunger  - it's insane! Thus the probability to suffer from starvation is very very low. Even at night you will always spot a GS25 or 7/11 (korean kiosks) sign illuminated from afar, where you can get easy snacks like a roll of Gimbap (korean Sushi) for only 1500 Won (which is like 1.20 CHF). When I want to save some money I'll just grab a Gimbap for lunch and I'll become the happiest person on earth.
There are still so many korean dishes that I haven't tried, and I bet so many dishes that I haven't heard of and I really really want to try! So little time but so much to eat. The thought of it stresses me out just a tiny bit. Well here are some of the things that I've tried so far and some photos that are related to food.

Bing Su! Also known as Snowflake. It's basically frozen milk with anything you like. This one is with sweet red bean, rice cake and something called injeolmi. You can eat it by yourself, but that's kind of sad, it's common to share a bowl of Bing Su with your friends.

Naengmyon: cold buckwheat noodles with eggs, Gochuchang (korean chilli pepper paste) and veggies. It's served with ice to make it extra cold! I really like it!

Squid! I tried a tentacle, was salty, chewy and yummy!

Sushi in a Bowl with Croquette and Salad as a side. Everybody knows I love Japanese Food.

One of my favorite restaurant here in Seoul: fusion indian place in Gangnam! Various Currys with Naan Bread - Endless Love.

Vietnamese Lunch for one: Noodles with Seafood. Love that they serve proper portions here. 

Authentic Mexican food in Hongdae. I went there with my mexican friend, he approved it, and we of course loved it! Was kinda expensive though.
This was my first time eating Gimbap. One of the most cutting in moment of my stay here in seoul. Love it ever since.
This one is literally called "Ugly but Tasty Gimbap". That's rice with beef wrapped in seaweed. I liked it dipped in Soy Sauce.

Gimbap from the convenient store of our School. Not as good as the ones from the restaurant, but it still satisfies my Hunger for Gimbap. The one on the right comes with Sweet Tofu stuffed with rice, which is so so good!

Another visit to a japanese place, love that they served so many little sides to it!
Corndog from a Street Vendor somewhen in the middle of the night between Clubbing/Barhopping in Hongdae. So bad but so good though.

Selfie Attempt at a Budae-Jjigae Place. That's basically a slightly spicy stew with sausage, tofu, soybean sprouts, glass noodles etc. 

Bibimbap with my swiss friend. It's rice with Gochuchang (korean chilli pepper paste), egg and veggies in a hot bowl. It makes a sizzling sound when it's being served. It's like music in my ears.

The English Girls having Korean BBQ for their first time. There are so many Korean BBQ places in Seoul, I've been to three so far, and this one were the picture was taken was definitely my favorite so far! You have your pork on the grill, when it's ready you grab a salad leaf, put the meat and the side dishes like kimchi, onions and sauce inside and eat it as a wrap. So hungry when I think about it.
Soju (known as Baby Vodka) - I love it and I hate it (it's the only alcohol that gives me the asian flush)
Another Day at the Budae-jjigae place. Already finished the food and also the soju.

Japanese Udon Noodle Soup for a change! Even if it's not korean, they will still serve a kimchi and radish side to it.
 My tastebuds are excited for more delicious food to come.

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