Dienstag, 29. April 2014

Hair Situation

I thought I should show you how I look like at the moment, because I have changed during the last couple of months. How did it turn out like that? Well it was a mistake and a long story. I clearly didn't want my hair to look like this, cause it's neither black nor brown and I didn't intended to have my hair dip dyed like it's 2012 all over again. And yes I lost another few inches of my hair length since my last hair update. I need to explain you my hair story from the beginning.

I think I have posted a picture of my freshly styled and colored hair in korea last summer. I had my hair turned brown there. By october of last year I decided to cut off almost 30 cm of my beloved hair and I was quite happy with it. At the beginning of this year when I spent almost two weeks in New York, I felt like I needed a change again (whenever I feel like having a change, I decide to change something about my hair). So I cut off a couple more inches at a very nice japanese hair salon in Williamsburg (picture missing). The lady was lovely and at first I really liked my new hair style. Well I was excited because I didn't remember having such short hair in my life, which was great. But after a couple of hours I realized that it may have been a huuuge mistake. So when I came back to switzerland I thought, maybe if I colored my hair, I would like it ( I had 8 cm of black hair growth in my hairline, and I thought maybe it was the reason why I hated my new look so much). So I asked my sister to help me get back to black again. And guess what... I HATED it even more. I felt even more uncomfortable with my hair. Seriously, I looked like severus snape, it was that bad! A friend of mine told me to use shampoos with high moisture, in order to wash out some of the coloration. I was extremely unhappy with my hair and I have complained weeks and weeks about it to my boyfriend and friends. But eventually I came to the conclusion, that all of the complaints wouldn't help my situation at all. I just have to live with my decision. So now that almost three months have passed, and my hair has grown a few inches, I finally dared to take some high quality pictures of myself again. And as you can see the shampoo trick my friend told me has worked... sort of.

I never thought that I would belong to those kinds of people, who would feel devastated about a haircut. I thought I was someone who could deal with it. But turns out I'm just like any other girl.

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