Samstag, 12. April 2014

About things that I first hated and now love

Here is a list of things that I couldn't care less at first but now love:

1. The Balenciaga Double Buckle Strap Boot
2. Kendall and Kylie Jenner
3. Coffee
4. Nike Sneakers
5. Doc Martens (especially the ones that I own)
6. Quark
7. Gym Wear
8. Indie
9. Tomatoe Soup
10. My old hair

This has been a long absence from the blogging world of mine. But now I'm back and I'm very motivated to update once more. I realised how much I missed being creative on the internet. Right now I really feel like creating interesting and fun content for you again. I hope you're still with me and forgive me for the dust that has been collected on this blog. It will be wiped away asap!

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