Donnerstag, 13. Dezember 2012


Today, like a lot of days, I felt like wearing all black. I think it's so easy to pull a neat looking outfit in black together. Great for lazy days, just like this one. Last weekend I sorted out all of the clothes that I won't wear anymore, and I was surprised by the amount of pieces that landed on the pile. I'm very uninspired these days, don't have much energy for everything. And I hate this laziness inside me, it's taking up so much space and prevents me from doing so many things in my daily life. By tomorrow i'm gonna make it stop, or else it will eat me up entirely until i'm left with nothing but a sad little body with all its energy gone, escaped.

I wanted my eyes to be green for a change. And yes you guessed it, that's my bathroom where i'm taking photos in. I realized that we don't have one single plain wall in our appartement.

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