Mittwoch, 21. November 2012


These are three drawings I did at drawing class in school. Do you recognize the face in the third drawing? Yeah, it's me gazing into space.

Right now I'm at home scribbling things for my art portfolio, which has to be done by mid february. My head feels blank, I got no inspiration at all (I know it says "always inspired" in my profile box, I lied). And also I have been trying to develop my own style of drawing. I failed until now. 
BUT I'm positive, because I heard that it needs time to figure it out and it won't happen overnight. And often other people are the first to see it, because it's always hard for a person to look at his or her own drawings/paintings in an objective way. So my goal for the time until february is to discover my own style and not growing desperate on the way finding it.

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