Montag, 12. November 2012


so i helped out at our countries biggest fashion event the last few days. I worked as a volunteer, which meant standing around, smiling and helping models to get in their clothes. in my case, i had to help the guests find their seats. I was very looking forward to this event. but after the first two days my enthusiasm shrank with each passing hour. The people who worked there, no matter what position they had, they all felt like yelling us around like bimbos. We came there by ourselves and didn't even get paid for it. Yes, we were bimbos in a way, because we didn't have much to say, but when i was standing in the hall and helping the people with the seats i got snubbed at the same time, that was the point when i realized how super stuck up and rude all these people are. I understand that they are all under pressure, trying to make this event a success, but this is not the way how you should treat people.

I'm not saying that it wasn't a great event at all. Apart from that I really enjoyed helping out, seeing interesting people and watching the models walk down the runway up close. I like helping out, and I have enjoyed it the last few times when I did.

Anyway, the good thing about the event was, that I got to see Charlotte Ronson's spring 2013 collection. There were some pieces that I really loved. For example the grafic prints on the shorts and tees and the cropped shirts. I like the sporty and the sexy twist of the outfits.


This was a slightly more personal blog post. But I felt like writing it, and I feel like I have to write about more personal stuff, because I always like reading more personal things about other people. 

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