Mittwoch, 11. Januar 2012


Ever since I saw a picture of a woman with metallic golden nails on tumblr, I've been on the search for the right exact nail polish that the woman had on her nails. But I never knew that it wasn't a nailpolish but nail foils that I had to look for. A few weeks ago I took notice of the foils through a friend, so I rushed off to the city to get them. I sticked them on today, and I think it's pretty cool.
I also drew Frida Gustavsson today. It took me the whole day to draw her, and I'm not even finished. I guess I just get distracted a lot.


Emma S. hat gesagt…

I have seen that picture of Frida once, your drawing is amazingly close to the reality ! You're very good !

Drea hat gesagt…

I took one look at that drawing and knew it was Frida! You're very talented!
Great blog, now following :)

Drea xoxo

BrightWhiteNoises hat gesagt…

OMG the drawing is incredible !! You're a very good drawer :)

INES A. hat gesagt…

Nice, it's amazing !