Samstag, 7. Januar 2012


So I went outside to take some pictures yesterday. It was freezing and it even started to hail. But I've always wanted to take pictures in a forest. The final result kinda reminds me of where the wild things are. 

Do you see a little resemblance as well?


The Love Hanger hat gesagt…

I love the photos in the forest! It's such a great backdrop for photos. Love your sweater! You look cozy. <3


Emma S. hat gesagt…

Beautiful pictures, and yeah they kinda look like 'Where the wild things are' (that film is amazing).

Emma S. hat gesagt…

I don't use flash for my photos. I kind of modify the light with Photofiltre (don't know how to say in english but I raise the "Correction gama") and then I raise the contrast with Windows Live photos Gallery.