Donnerstag, 15. Oktober 2015

Seoul Photo Diary: the second month

Here are some random seoul moments captured on my cell phone camera from the past few weeks. A week from now it's exactly going to be two months since I arrived in Seoul! Can't believe it's already half time. My parents and my brother are arriving tomorrow evening! I already made a rough plan of what I want to show them and of course what food I want them to try. I'm excited to show them all the places that I've enjoyed most so far and I'm curious to find out if they will like it as much as I did!

doing homework in one of the many cafés in hongdae whilst drinking iced americano

one of my favorite things to do in seoul is to visit the korean food market that is 8 minutes from my home by foot

PDA much? a Couple slow-dancing on the basketball court at my uni

fact: there are no ugly babies in seoul

tripping in seoul: went to the Iwha Mural Village one lovely Sunday to see the flower stairs that I saw on pinterest so many times

fact: korean people are obsessed with mirrors, cause you can find one EVERYWHERE!

My mirror, my window, my view from my room

On the lookout for hideous clothes? go to the dongdaemun wholesale shops in one of the many shopping complex there and I'm sure you'll find something

celebrating Charlies Birthday! After Korean BBQ we went to another place to have soju and fries. I told them to pose seductively. 

I love it when the subways don't stay underground for a change

my fellow internationals wearing the korean traditional costume in Korean Class

Claire, we are on CCTV! My flatmate and I at the Seoul Modern Contemporary Art Museum

digestive walk to the main gate of the most famous palace in Seoul (Gyeongbokgung) after an amazing dinner 

digestive walk with selfie interruptions

Dreamy Claire on the Subway. On our way to Incheon, a city that is an hour away from Seoul.

Once arrived in Incheon doing what I love most: eat.

would you like to have bread with your red bean? This was amazing. Did I mention that I love everything that involves sweet red bean?

Over Chuseok (Korean Thanksgiving) my international friends and I went to an amusement park outside of Seoul

foreigners sitting on the floor playing games to kill the time

foreigners taking selfies to kill the time

Chicken Skewers are being sold by many many streetfood vendors. It was ok, nothing special. I'd rather have Gimbap instead.

around 12 pm at Monsters Pizza with my korean friend Sabrina

My friend Constanza eating air instead of the pizza 
We went on an artifical island for the fireworks festival the other weekend

Man, they sure love Monsters Pizza. Here they ordered the famous pepperoni Pizza for takeaway.

the island was so packed with people and their tents and camping blankets, we arrived there pretty late, so all the good spots were already taken

the hongdae playground during the weekends: young artists sell their handmade products or offer portraits for good prices

October is the month of Festivals! Here at the Hi Seoul Festival: a parade with traditional korean musicians

Last weekend I woke up early and went to have a look at Yonsei University, one of the biggest Unis here in Seoul. It's huge and I saw these funny looking trees there. 

One of the biggest suprises ever: I thought this Egg Bread was going to be savory, but it was sweet! Very delicious! I got it for less than 1 CHF from a streetfood vendor!

Shopping in Myeongdong, an area with many many shops and streetfood. It's a very touristic place and always crowded.

streetfood in Myeongdong. They always sell the same things: Gimbap, deep-fried Shrimps and Veggies and Tteokkbokki (spicy Rice Cake).

Sushi Dinner with my lovely korean Classmates from Claywork class 

These are all the soju flavors you can get! One bottle for 15000 W which is 1.25 CHF. Such a cheap way to get drunk!

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