Freitag, 22. März 2013


I want to focus on being happy, content with myself and minimize negativity and frustration. Sometimes it's hard to be positive about life when things get in your way or when there are people who are being a pain in the ass 24/7. A few days ago I read an article about anger management and I realized that we have ourself to blame when we're angry about something or someone. We choose which path our mind goes. If we get angry, it's because we demand something and we focus on negativity. Everytime a situation comes up, which might lead you to become angry, stop right there and ask yourself if it's really worth being angry about. Anger demands so much negative emotions and is often just a waste of energy.
I know that I'm not really in the position to give advice about this subject, because when I think about it, I get frustrated over small things so easily. But I think it's so important to think about the thoughts you carry around all day and how they affect your behaviour and happiness. Because if you do, you can change a lot about your attitude and be a happier person.

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