Donnerstag, 12. April 2012

April Inspirationboard

So I've decided to make a inspirational moodboard for each coming month, beginning with this one today. When creating this moodboard, I didn't pay attention to the weather or trends that are going on right now. The purpose of this moodboard is just to put nice photos together, that inspire me at this very moment. I hope you enjoy this little collage.

source: tumblr

1. cross jewellery: Never considered wearing anything with a cross on it before. But recently I came across some cute cross earrings that could probably make me reconsider it.
2. rock crystal jewellery: LOVE
3. Karlie Kloss
4. Elizabeth Olsen and her amazing wardrobe

If you want to see more inspirational photographs, you might want to have a look at my tumblr.


Sushi for me ? hat gesagt…

I love this post ! :) really pretty images xxx

Anna hat gesagt…

Great post. Very interesting! :)